Data Backups

Your websites are completely backed–up with us

We make back–ups of your site content frequently, which suggests that you never risk losing your web site files, applications, databases, email messages, etc. because of cyber–thieves assaults or accidental deletions on your end. What’s more, through the File Manager incorporated into the Web Hosting Control Panel, you will be able to create manual backups of your website content anytime. Just mark and compress the folder(s) that you would like to back up and our system will save it for you in the location that you’ve indicated.

Solid–State Drives

Solid–state–drive–based cloud web hosting machines

All our cloud hosting machines sport solid–state disks rather than normal disk drives. SSDs boast much faster read and write speeds, which implies that your websites will load quicker. No further site modifications are required.

With the perfect Internet connectivity possibilities provided by all our cloud hosting Data Center Facilities, your website will begin working significantly faster once you turn to us.

VPN Access

Safe, private surfing

If you live in a region with stringent web surfing rules but want to examine the Internet world as much as you can, we have the solution for you. With each of our cloud hosting packages, you will be able to gain Virtual Private Network access and explore the Internet freely. All you have to do is set up a new network with the detailes we provide and we will forward all your inbound and outbound web traffic out of one of our VPN data centers.

Remote MySQL Access

Remotely connect to your database

Generally, a database could only be accessed by sites that are created in exactly the same account as the database. But using our quick and user–friendly Remote MySQL functionality, you will be able to grant database access to any other hostname. This can be quite useful if you possess several e–commerce portals and wish to share a customer database across each one of them.

Web Hosting Control Panel

All the useful web site controls you may need in one location

Control all your sites with a single click with the custom point–and–click Web Hosting Control Panel. It is fitted out with a drag & drop File Manager, an all–embracing Domain Name Manager for your domain names (you can change your WHOIS details and your nameservers, lock/unlock and ID–protect your domain names, create custom DNS records, etcetera), a prompt Mail Account Manager (you can forward e–mails, order anti–spam protection, set up auto–reply messages, set up e–mail filters, get anti–spoofing protection, etc.), a Databases Manager for handling multiple MySQL/PgSQL databases, a comprehensive statistics interface and many innovative tools.

File Manager

Drag ’n’ drop file uploads and much more

Using the drag ’n’ drop file upload functionality available in your hosting Control Panel, you can forget all about File Transfer Protocol clients. Just drop a file in files list related to your website and the Web Hosting Control Panel will upload it there. If you upload a compressed archive, you will be able to unarchive it with a mouse click. The right–click shortcut menus in our File Manager will make you feel as though you are working with your own PC. You can begin working on your web site immediately after you log in.

True Cloud Platform

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At Heart Beat Hosting, we are proud of using a true cloud hosting platform – each service is dealt with by a different server, so that your web sites will always open quickly even if the system is under excessive load. This cloud hosting platform was developed entirely by us with scalability and dependability in mind, and is backed up by a ninety–nine point nine percent uptime guarantee.

Website Builder

Launch your own personal websites with a simple mouse click right away

Our cloud hosting plans include a user–friendly Web Site Generation Instrument. You’ll find it within the Web Hosting Control Panel. This tool offers a collection of more than one hundred personal and business web site layouts as well as time and effort saving site management user interface. Just choose a web design theme and after that upload your images and add textual content with just a click. When ready, click the Publish button and your web site will be brought online in a millisecond.

Enhanced Service Stability and Security

A double secured cloud web hosting system

By keeping applications, e–mails and databases on a few physical machines instead of one, we have guaranteed a much more dependable web hosting environment for your web sites and applications. Besides, we have lowered the servers’ vulnerability to hacker/DDoS attacks that can take the whole physical machine down on a regular shared web hosting platform.

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